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app for elites TROL
« on: October 09, 2011, 10:20:44 pm »
1. What is your RSN? [Runescape Name]
Answer: evryone nows my name

2. How often do you Pk a week?
 enough to be #1 tank and #1 f2p pker
3. Would you like to join We soElite or We daElite
Answer: nope im owner of we proelite :$:$

4. Why would you like to join We soElite/We daElite
Answer:no... look one question up

5. Place place a link or a screenshot of you stats and combat level

6. Are you F2P of P2P?

7. Have you been in other clan? if so who?
Answer:ive been owner of  #1 clans

8. Will you be loyal to the clan [Not clan hopping, flaming, not bsing etc] Do you agree?

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