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Member Application [Outline]
« on: August 26, 2011, 10:58:17 pm »
Please copy and fill in this application and post it as a NEW thread

1. What is your RSN? [Runescape Name]

2. How often do you Pk a week?

3. Would you like to join We soElite or We daElite

4. Why would you like to join We soElite/We daElite

5. Place place a link or a screenshot of you stats and combat level

6. Are you F2P of P2P?

7. Have you been in other clan? if so who?

8. Will you be loyal to the clan [Not clan hopping, flaming, not bsing etc] Do you agree?

please download TeamSpeak 3 it is a REQUIRMENT  [A application using microphones and speakers to communicate]

Download Link:

Thank-you for applying for Elites Clan.

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